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Specialist Sub Groups

Social Policy

Chaired and run by Fran Begley from South Bristol Advice Services this sub group works to gather evidence and information in relation to critical issues that affect the clients who use the services of ACFA members; this information is used to raise awareness of these issues among the wider public and decision makers. Partnership working is key to ensuring that all members contribute to larger debates which, as individual organisations, they might not have the time or resources to do so.

ACFA members can use the regular monthly meetings to suggest issues to be investigated and promoted - previous campaigns have included:

  • the increasing cost of medical reports
  • the lack of qualified immigration legal advice in Bristol
  • the use and effect of sanctions

The sub group aims to promote changes in law, process and/or policy which will lead to a more equitable society. To this, the group:

  • informs organisations who work at a strategic level with external local public and national bodies
  • feeds into the ACFA Marketing and Communications Group to get the message out to the wider public
  • adds items for discussion to the agenda of Bristol City Council's Joint Planning Board
  • assists to provide evidence and focus for new funding opportunities
  • works, weher relevant, with strategic litigation being undertaken by a member organisation

You can help:

  • by providing evidence, either in the form of statistical information or case studies, when requested
  • by attending the sub group meetings - email Fran Begley for the date of the next meeting.

Marketing & Communications 

You have the opportunity to increase your visibility by contributing to our regular Advice Squad Column in the Bristol Post. |closed}
Article needs to be a 450 word piece, bylined with the author’s name and photo and offering advice on one particular topic. A single photo relevant to the story can also be sent but is not guaranteed to be used. Keep the tone of the piece quite conversational and relevant to readers and include some Twitter and on-line links to relevant sources of information. 

A rota of forthcoming columns is maintained by the ACFA Adminsitrator. If you have an idea and are interested in producing a column, please email  with details.

WARPit Membership 

ACFA is signed up to WARPit a web-based service that helps organisations to exchange surplus or underused resources. So...instead of buying new, you can find a spare chair, table, desk, inkjet cartridge or crockery for free - over 20,000 items are currently listed on the site. Alternatively, if you have equipment you want to get rid of, you can ensure it finds a good home. |closed}

All you need to do is register at (click the green Register button).

Once you’ve registered, you can claim, share, loan or give as many resources as you wish - as you will see there are plenty of resources to claim both locally and nationally.

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