Benefits of membership

From sharing best practice to reduced fee training, find out exactly what you'd get as a member.

Information sharing

ACFA members benefit from a long established tradition of encouraging open sharing of information. This might include the interpretation of specific areas of law, funding or social policy issues

Joint working and collaboration

Encouraging a partnership approach is an important principle for ACFA, enabling an open and sharing relationship between members. Collaborative working can range from informal group work through to joint delivery of projects. The ACFA network can provide the opportunity for the development of such collaborations.

ACFA meetings

A useful monthly forum for information exchange and to discuss issues relevant for advisers and managers alike. There is also an opportunity for speakers, external or internal, to address members.

Voice and influence

As a long-established umbrella organisation, ACFA has become an influential body in trying to improve the provision and quality of advice services. ACFA lobbies for adequately funded and resourced advice services and defends members when threatened with funding cuts. ACFA is a collective voice for advice agencies which can raise issues or complaints on behalf of members and represents them on Bristol City Council’s Joint Planning Board and Bristol Homes Board.

ACFA training

Good quality and relevant training provided at an affordable price and delivered locally.

ACFA web site

An accessibly, easy to use resource where clients can search for advice near them. You will have a listing on the site as part of your membership. Details of all ACFA member services can be found here.

Resource library

Members have exclusive access to a range of regularly updated policies and procedures that aim to facilitate the development of best practice and help member agencies become quality mark compliant. Resources available include casework and employment related policies, as well as organisational policies such as data protection or business continuity.

Social policy

An opportunity to raise and identify key social policy issues affecting our clients and service users. The social policy sub group can co-ordinate a joint response. There are many transferable skills within ACFA members that can provide a united front against the policies of austerity.

Peer support

An opportunity for members to give and receive trusted mutual support whether this be operational, organisational, managerial or legal issue based. Having someone to call or meet to discuss common problems and issues saves time, avoids duplication and reduces stress

ACFA sub-groups

An open invitation to attend a number of sub groups where you can work with other members on specific issues: achieving

  • Communications: An informal forum to discuss marketing strategies and opportunity to increase your visibility by contributing to our regular Advice Squad column in the Bristol Post.
  • Fundraising: The sub group establishes a strategic approach to fundraising, avoiding duplication, discouraging competition and identifying opportunities for partnership.
  • Social policy: The sub group provides an opportunity for all members to contribute to larger debates and campaigns, which, as individual organisations, they might not have the time or resources to do so.


Focused and relevant news delivered through regular emails to all members and through ACFA meetings and sub groups.


An opportunity to increase awareness and publicity for your own services, both to other members and externally. This is achieved through attending ACFA meetings, disseminating information through ACFA emails or through the ACFA website.

Casework Support

ACFA can help advisers to work more effectively with their clients. We can do this by:

  • Joint casework: Bringing together advice skills and experience from different agencies helps to bring about a more effective case outcomes for the client.
  • Consultancy: Caseworkers can access specialist skills and knowledge in different fields of law.
  • Signposting and referral: Shared understanding of services provided by members enables advisers to make more effective signposts and referrals for their clients.

New developments

ACFA members are always working on new initiatives and opportunities. Future developments include an impact assessment protocol and online referral system.

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