I can offer resources

There are many ways you can offer useful resources:

  • Offer to run a small charities postage through your own franking system
  • Allow voluntary sector organisations to use your vacant meeting rooms for forums, meetings and training courses
  • Purchase a few extra items of stationery each time you order and donate them to a small community organisation
  • Donate food you get for free (Buy One Get One Free offers or coupons) to your local foodbank
  • Include the organisation In your email signature - this is a great way for others to learn about the charity, especially if you’re active and well connected
  • Make a video detailing why you like the organisation and value the work that it does, then load it up to a shared video site like Youtube where others can see it

Avon & Bristol Law Centre need chairs, please 

If you have spare chairs or intend to replace any in the near future, please consider offering them to the Law Centre because it wants to replace its “very tatty” waiting area chairs with half a dozen or so smarter secondhand ones. Apparently if you have a fax machine you no longer use that would be given a good home too. Contact John Bowen if you can help

they are in the market for a secondhand fax machine too!

If you can help or if you would like any further information, contact John Bowen.


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