Donate or fundraise

Donate money or resources

As well as donating money to our member organisations, you can donate resources too. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer to run a small charity's postage through your own franking system
  • Allow voluntary sector organisations to use your vacant meeting rooms for forums, meetings and training courses
  • Purchase a few extra items of stationery each time you order and donate them to a small community organisation
  • Donate food you get for free (Buy One Get One Free offers or coupons) to your local foodbank
  • Include the organisation In your email signature - this is a great way for others to learn about the charity, especially if you’re active and well connected
  • Make a video detailing why you like the organisation and value the work that it does, then load it up to a shared video site like Youtube where others can see it


Raise money while you shop online

A no-effort way for your charity to raise funds when people shop online – if you're buying something, just remember to visit the retailer (such as Amazon, John Lewis, M&S) via Once you've ordered, the retailer makes a donation to your chosen good cause. It's a lovely way to give something back for free!

Please join us; here's your invitation link:

Use the easyfundraising Donation Reminder to ensure you never forget to raise a donation for ACFA: The Advice Network; when you see the alert, just click to activate your donation. Find out more and help raise 5 times more for ACFA here

Organise an event 

Organise an event to raise funds for one of our members or ACFA itself. This could be a cricket tournament or a cake sale - the choice is yours!

Obtain pro bono costs orders

ACFA and The Access to Justice Foundation (ATJF) are keen to encourage and support the legal profession and the advice sector in using and obtaining pro bono costs orders (PBCOs). These can be claimed in costs bearing civil litigation (such as judicial review and housing) where the work is done for free.

In the advice sector this work can be completed by pro bono lawyers who provide their services for free or by staff who provide legal advice (though not those operating on a Conditional Fee Agreement or legal aid basis). General information on pro bono costs orders can be found on the Foundation’s website

ATJF can support agencies throughout the process, for example, in relation to requirements such as time recording and specific queries about pro bono costs. Where PBCOs have been generated by the work of an advice agency up to 50% of the funds received will go directly back to the agency who generated the original order; the rest of the funds will go towards the centralised grants rounds run by ATJF.

In addition to this the Foundation has a small amount of funding available to support organisations who are looking to conduct more pro bono costs generating work. Please contact them if you are interested in becoming involved with the project or would like further information.

Nominate an ACFA member as your Charity of the Year

ACFA members vary enormously in terms of the types of people they help and the type of support they offer which means that it’s extremely likely that one or more of them will offer a good strategic fit for your organisation. Click here to view a list of members.

It’s a great opportunity to make a lasting difference to the communities within which your business operates; for example: encourage staff from both organisations to work together to raise funds, offer staff secondments and pro bono services to share expertise and experience, use contacts to open doors to decision makers and policy makers.

Sponsor the Babbers Radio show 

The 'Babbers' radio show is run entirely by older people, and will include interviews and discussions relating to issues affecting older people as well as information about what’s happening in the city and a varied selection of music.

The show is looking for sponsors – the cost is £100 per show, and the sponsor will be mentioned four times throughout the show. They are looking to build links with local businesses but it is also a low cost opportunity for BAB partners to promote their work. If you are interested, contact Bianca Rossetti.


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