MPs and councillors

Your local Councillors and MPs have been elected by you! It’s their job to represent and respond to the concerns of their constituents and that’s you and your neighbours.

However, they can’t do this effectively unless they hear from you so why don’t you get in touch?

Write to them

Writing a personal letter or email is a good way to highlight a problem you’re having or an issue you’re concerned about. Make sure you tell them about how you are personally affected and ask them to explain what they plan to do or, even better, give them something specific to do.

Don’t forget to be politely persistent:

  • ask them for a reply – make sure you include your full name and address
  • if you’re not happy with their answer, write back and keep going
  • if they don’t answer your questions, write to them again

Meet them

Get along to one of their regular ‘surgeries’, a perfect opportunity to put your concerns in person. When you meet your local Councillor or MP make sure you:

  • thank them for seeing you and establish how much time you have to talk to them
  • state clearly who you are, identifying yourself as a local resident
  • outline the background to the issue or problem and explain how you’re personally affected

Find them

Remember, if you want something to change, you have to contact someone with the power to do something about it. 

Details of how to find your local councillors, and their responsibilities, can be found by visiting Directgov or on your local authority website, as follows:

To find your MP and how to contact them use either They Work For You or UK Parliament

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