Q: Do you have any vacancies at the moment?
A: Check our Current opportunities however we cannot advise as to all the vacancies our members may currently have so you may wish to contact a particular organisation directly to see if they have anything available.

Q: Do I need any specific qualifications?
A: No, but the more relevant experience and/or qualifications you have the better. Having said that enthusiasm and commitment are often equally important.

Q: If I volunteer will this lead to a permanent position?
A: You are not guaranteed a job; if a vacancy arises you would still have to apply and compete for any job. By volunteering you are gaining valuable experience which will help when it comes to applying for jobs and attending interviews. 

Q: For how long do I need to volunteer?
A: Due to investment in time and resources that our members make to their volunteers, we ask for a minimum commitment of six months.

Q: Do you pay travel expenses?
A: No.

Q: Will volunteering affect my benefit payments?
A: In most cases, there’s no limit to the amount of volunteering that you can do whilst claiming benefits, as long as you continue to meet the conditions of those benefits; you should inform Jobcentre Plus that you're volunteering. In addition, you can receive expenses so long as they only cover your out-of-pocket costs; any kind of profit could result in their benefits being reduced or suspended.

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