Babbers Radio Show

Every Monday from midday to 2pm on Ujima Radio 98FM.

Tune in to 98FM or listen online

Age UK Bristol, the Bristol Ageing Better Partnership, ACFA and Ujima Radio have come together to produce a show relevant to the elderly of Bristol. It can help deliver advice, offer ideas to combat social exclusion and loneliness and generally talk about any issue of concern or interest to the over 50s.

ACFA's very own Gail Bowen-Huggett is one of 8 volunteers trained to research, present and produce the weekly, hour long programme on local community radio station - Ujima 98FM. All the volunteers are over 50, with the oldest being a very spritely 78! Most have never worked in radio before, some have disabilities but all share amazing levels of energy and enthusiasm.

Alright Me Babber

The Babbers Team gather with an aptly named Shaun in the City statue - Alright me Babber?! From left to right you can see: Judith Brown, JK Kennington, Paulette North, Ruth Richardson (sitting), Martin Leett, Gail Bowen-Huggett, Yvonne Hawkins, Sue Spratt, Alan Dyte and Jeeves.

The programme celebrates the elderly. Far too often older people are undervalued and isolated becoming invisible to their communities. ‘Babbers’ seeks to redefine the concept of ageing and accentuate the positive aspects of being an older person; they also aim to tackle some of the harder issues so listeners know about others in the same situation and how they are coping.

The show is now looking for sponsors: for £100 per show, the sponsor will be mentioned at least four times throughout the programme. If you're interested please email Bianca Rossetti.


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